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    Placed logos pixelated in CS5

    Arrow'd Level 1

      Around my creative department we've noticed some abnormal behavior from placed graphics.


      We have a library of Photoshop logos that we place in our packaging files. If we place the logo at 100%, when we export out the InDesign file as a PDF it looks good.

      However, if we scale the logo even a slight amount the logo develops ridiculously irregular edges on the PDF export.


      Here are the details:

      When we make a logo, we save out a set of various sizes (6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch, etc.)  so that if a logo is scaled more than 20% (up or down) the designer switches to the next size logo instead.

      Back when we were running CS3 we would export a file as an EPS, and use Distiller to convert it to a PDF since direct export caused unwanted color shifts.

      After switching to CS4, we were able to take advantage of the direct export to PDF and abandoned the EPS/Distiller conversion.

      Now with CS5, the direct export is fouling up the placed graphics. We tested an EPS/Distiller conversion and that seems to work for the logos but now there's a color shift if we go that route.



      Due to  contract stipulations between my company and Adobe we are prohibited from switching back to CS4.

      Placing the logos in Photoshop isn't really an option either since once a file is printed, we'll translate it into 9 more languages and changing links for the logos is far easier and faster than rebuilding the entire Photoshop background.


      Here's an example:

      The top logo is placed at 100%, the bottom logo is scaled down 15%. Notice the stroke inside and outside the letters.



      Any help would be appreciated.