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    error message

    luviola10 Level 1

      I'm on RH8. when I compile my project, here is an error message which displays:

      HHC5013: Error:

      URL reference in the TOC cannot be resolved: "CalloutGuide\ABB_Docs\s6030083_Energy_Scheduling_&_Accounting_(ESA)_SDD_100703.htm#4_2_S upport_Library<bc=6".


      can anyone explain what this is and how to fix it? I have many other errors just like this.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          I believe this problem is related to the other problem you were having with the bookmarks in your TOC. Obviously something somewhere is still not as it should be. Have you checked that: a) The bookmark exists with the exact same naming convention. b) The file is located in the path mentioned in the error. c) The TOC points to that location / bookmark.

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            luviola10 Level 1

            thanks, Colum. your comments are very helpful. Now my problem is that I want the bookmarks to exist where they are now, not where the link is going:CalloutGuide\ABB_Docs\s6030083_Energy_Scheduling_&_Accounting_(ESA)_ SDD_100703.htm#4_2_Support_Library<bc=6.

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              Amebr Level 4

              Is there really a < in your bookmark or is that being added programmatically somehow? If it's part of your bookmark, can you change it to something else, as I'd suggest that is causing confusion, being the start of an HTML tag...