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    encoded movies have "moving details" vs original film

    texmant123 Level 1

      I have some DV footage that I captured with PrPro.  It captured at the standard capture sattings (720X480, 29fps, AVI)


      sequence settings are the default for (DV-24fps)  I chose this one so that I could have the sequence progressive instead of interlaced.

      sequence settings DV 24fps.JPG

      The original AVI footage looks great.  When I play it with Windows media player OR PrPro video monitor.  As soon as I export it though, the video looses it's steady look.

      What I mean is that the detailed texture on the walls in the background start "dancing" and the whole thing just looks low quality.


      I've tried exporting with the following settings:

      1. "Match Sequence Settings"  you can see those above.

      2. MPG2 with the preset set to NTSC DV HQ (then I changed the interlacing to Progressive)

      3. H.264 with the preset set to YouTube SD (then I changed the interlacing to Progressive)


      I've tried 24fps and 29fps on all of the above and there is no difference in the outcome.

      I've also tried a new sequence set to DV NTSC settings and It all looks horrible  Please help!


      Thank you.