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    PE7, Sceneline question  when importing files from Panasonic SD800


      Hi folks. I have a few files from a friends Panasonic SD800 camcorder. These I can copy into the directory for the project and then get PE7 to recognise them, no problems here. In the Timeline I see that they are then marked with a red mark and so I press the enter key to render them. All no problem. I can edit the files and have produced a BluRay from the files - all works very well.  I can see the video just fine in Timeline and can move them from the Organise panel straight into the Timeline.


      Question is why does the Sceneline view only show One file?? which appears to be the first file I moved into Timeline.


      Question 2 is am I likely to have any problems if I purchase a Panasonic SD900 in copying files and editing them as I guess a typical hour or so of video will be 50 or more files.??



      I guess someone has experienced this before - it seems a bit odd to me.


      Thanks Andy