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    CS5 Batch problem


      Hi all,


      I tried to run actions in a batch and I would get promt that certain commands are not available. But when I open up the file individually, I can run action fine. Also when I allow files to open, the batch will run fine too, but for a large batch, the computer eventually run out of memory. I have tried scripts to run actions and it works well.


      So my question is why are the command not available poping up? I work with NEF files more often than JPEG


      Thank you,


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I think in this case details might matter...  Can you tell what actions step(s), specifically, it's stopping on?

          Some filters that can work on an 8 bits/channel document simply don't function on a 16 bits/channel document, and they will give the message you mentioned if you try to run them via an action.



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            Nghia99 Level 1

            Thank for responding.


            Here are the steps.


            Open PS with no file open. Go to batch automation and select folders and action. The action is the basic Vignette action. Right from the start the Make Snapshot gives the promt The  command "Make" is not currently available. When I click continue, "The command  "feather" is not currently available" then  "The command  "Layer Via Copy" is not currently available".


            Now if I have a file opened and run the action, no problem what so ever.


            Thank you.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              "The command 'feather' is not available" is what I see in every case, because that action expects you to have made a selection before running it.


              Can you try with another action that will actually work on an image without expecting you to make a selection first?



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                Nghia99 Level 1

                When image or images are open, the actions will run perfectly, It is only when I run a batch without having images open that these commands won't work. Am I running the batch the wrong way?

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Either we're not talking about the exact same action, or you have made a selection before running it.  The standard default action titled Vignette (selection) won't run without a selection.  Have I chosen the wrong action, or have you changed it?


                  Maybe it would be good to do a screen grab to show just what action you're running.



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                    Jeff Schewe Level 5

                    Noel is corrct, the fact that the action name is Vignette (selection) gives you a clue...it requires a selection to be made before running the action. In general, in order to batch process files, all of the parameters that will be run must exist in the file otherwise the action will error out when running in Batch.


                    In order to modify the Vignette (selection) to run on files, you would need to record an action step/s to create an actual selection being active before the remaining steps. The first nrew step to record would be to make an actual selection (prolly based on units being set to % as apposed to pixels or other units), then you would run the remaining Vignette (selection) steps.


                    Actions are very, very powerful and batch those action can greatly improve workflow, but...you need to bullet proof the actions you want to use in a batch opperation to make sure it will run correctly without creating errors. It's not for the faint of heart...


                    If you want to learn how to do this stuff, a forum user, JJMack has a bunch of tutorials HERE. You'll want to pay attention to Crafting Actions Package.

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      Batch should open the image files you point it to. If the action your writing about is in Adobe Frames action set it Name even tell you it expect there to be a selection its name is  "Vignette (selection)" it does not create a selection it expects one is active when you play the action.  Actions often have dependencies if they are not met a common error message that may pop up is "command is not currently available (Continue or Stop)". If you click on continue it is not uncommon for some following step to also fail because it depend on the step that failed to do something but did not happen. If you click on stop the action will stop and the action will expand and the failing step will be highlighted.  If run "Vignette (selection)" with no open document it will fail in the fist step make snapshot for it not available for the no document to make a snapshot of. If you click continue it will fail in the second step and so on. If you run the action with an active document open with no active selection it will fain in the second step feather.  If you batch that action it will open the first file into a document and fail in the second step.