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    Projects on one drive taking forever to load /conform, while projects on other HDDs are fine


      Hi guys, I'm at a bit of a loss here.


      I have a Core i7 Win 7 ultimate 24gb ram running premiere cs5.03


      I have a ssd drive for os and progs (C), and then 4 other identical 2tb drives for projects. (D,E,F and G)


      I have about 8 projects per drive, all the same thing (wedidngs)


      I have my last wedding of 2011 to get edited, and it is on the F drive.


      I dump all the folders into the project window, but the conforming stage is taking FOREVER (3+ hours and I gave up, an average wedding all the files conform in a few minutes)


      The file types are h264 .mov from canon DSLRs by the way, but I have discovered that it must he a problem with my F drive.


      At first I thought it was settings issue with CS5 (media cache folders etc..), so I tried changing the media chache drives etc... but nothing helped


      Then I tried to open a previous CS5 project that was on the F drive (a project I completed just one week ago) and it just hanged on the loading screen (20 mins and I gave up)


      It is strange as the drive isn't nearly full, plenty of space on it (in fact my E drive is nearly full but I can still open all the projects on taht and they load up in the normal time frame)


      Nothing else is on the drive, just project folders, the same size and type of projects that re aon all of my other drives, they all work fine, but now all of drive F seems 'corrupted'?


      So it seems I have a problem with my F drive (D, E and G are all fine)


      I don;t know what the problem is or how to identify it.


      I am currently doing the error checking process then I will defrag.


      The bizarre thing is, nothing has changed, last week everything was fine, this week I have a problem with that one drive.


      I've read online that it helps to have separate sratch disks for video, audio, previews etc...


      But with my yearly workflow, it is better for me to just have the whole project (video, audio, previews etc..) on the same folder in the same drive.


      This has worked great for the past 6 months, but all of a sudden, any old projects on the F drive hang on the loading page, and any new projects take more than 3 hours to import / conform?


      I've tried my best to explain the problem but reading it back my description does seem a bit all over, I guess that's becuase my mind is all over the place due to this problem!


      It's my last wedding from 2011 and I cannot get the project started (been at it all day, havent got any editing done, just trying to solve this)


      So if anyone has any tips or advice on how to identify the problem, confirm if it is a HDD issue or premier issue (I think HDD as all other projects on the other drives are fine) I would greatly appreciate it.