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    Menu was nice until I added a text effect in AE and imported it back to Encore as an asset.

    DTwo22 Level 1

      I had a nice simple menu built up in Encore.  It looked and worked fine in the preview.   I decided that it would look better if I had a sentence flash on and off.   In AE, I added a text preset.  It looked great during the preview.   I then rendered the composition.   I looked at the .avi file and it ran just like I had wanted it.  It was clean and crisp.   So I imported the *.avi file as an asset.   I then went to the Menu properties and then to the Motion tab.  I then whipped in the video to the *.AVI file I just added.   I rendered the Menu and then ran a Preview.  Everything worked like it was suppose to, EXCEPT, the complete screen was blurry.  It was like everything was out of focus.   EVERYTHING.   It seems like I have two menus showing, the old and new one together.   I am not sure what this is.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what I did not do, or did wrong?  Thanks in advance for your help.