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    Sync Audio with Slides

      I am trying to do a simple demo with audio,and regardless of the recording settings, the slides go at about 3 times real-time in the playback, which is too fast t see, and you only hear 1/3 of the total narration which is totally out of sync. How do you force the recording to sync your slides and audio to the as demonstrated speeds so they reproduce what you did and said?

      Thanks in advance
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          Hi russ92069@mac.com and welcome to our community

          Are you narrating as you record? If so, you may wish to try clicking Edit > Preferences... > Recording node > Settings node and enable the option labeled "Record actions in real time" and see if that changes things.

          Normally most of us here feel that adding narration after you record the process is the most efficient way to do things. When I think of this, I figure that's the exact reason that when film makers are creating movies, they add the audio sound track separately. But if recording narration as you work through the process is the way you like to work, feel free to continue. Everyone works in different ways.

          Cheers... Rick
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            russ92069@mac.com Level 1

            Thanks for the help. I have been playing with the setting you mentioned and it grey's out the record narration box (although checked). I still have some sync problems and either I am still doing something wrong or the product doesn;t function well in this mode (which I doubt).

            Let me just ask you what you would do given my situation: I want to simply record a 5 minute video demonstrating new features of our product, which is internet-based, and capture it in such a way that it would be little more than a "recording" of a webex presentation given by one of our sales staff. How would you do this? I'm most interested in "quick and dirty", as opposed to edited and polished.

            Thanks again for the help,

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              russ92069@mac.com Level 1
              My problem was that I was trying to record on an iMac under parallels, which does not have enough power to record without losing sync. When I run under bootcamp on the same computer, it works fune. Thanks!