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    Beyond Frustrated!

    kwdelre Level 1

      Mac OS 10.6.8

      2x Quad Core 3.4 GHz

      16 GB RAM

      Pr CS5.5.2



      I "upgraded" to CS5.5 and have not been able to work for more than 5 minutes at a time. In Pr when you press the space bar you get a playing preview with audio. Great, does that fine for the first time you open the project. As soon as I go into AE (with Dynamic Link running) and come back to Pr the project will not play. Hitting the space bar and clicking the play button does not work. Neither does the audio when scrubbing. If I walk away from the computer for a few minutes and come back it will work again, but only until .


      The total project is 1 min at this point with no camera footage, only motion graphics created in AE or Pr. (about 12 AE comps so far) I have seen others with this same issue, but no real answers that I could find.


      The only thing out of the ordinary would be the following:

      I started the project in CS4 and then saved it in CS5.5 as prompted to do so. Same with AE. I'm sure someone is going to say "finish it in CS4" and that's fine, but I need to figure out if that is the real issue. Otherwise I need to get a refund now because I can't wait for a few weeks to start a new project in CS5.5 and have the same issue.


      Thank you for any help you can provide and I already sent a description to Adobe.

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          All I can offer is empathy.  If you read some of my posts, you'll find that Pr's reliablity is spotty for me.  I will say it works more than it doesn't, but I can't detect a cause and effect yet for why it stops working.  So, I share your frustration.  A quit and relaunch fixes many problems, a reboot is required for others.  Audio instabilities are often fixed by changing the Audio Harware settings to something else, and back again.


          I have worked with FCP7 for three years, and MC for as long as it's existed.  I have all three NLEs, and I start and finish most of my projects in Pr, even though I'd grade both FCP and MC as "more reliable."  For some projects, it makes more sense to start in FCP.  It's more reliable for shuttling.  It's timeline markers are better implimented.  And of course, it can be used to ingest and transcode to ProRes, which I prefer many times to working with native Long-GOP material in Pr.

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            kwdelre Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. CS4 worked great. (except for horiz. scrolling, which I LOVE in CS5.5)


            Some additonal info.

            I am guessing that it has something to do with the complex AE compositions that it has linked into Pr. Seems like it is bogged down when I make a change in AE. After letting Pr sit for a while, it catches up. But looking at the activity monitor you wouldn't think it was doing anything!


            Also, when the problem occurs even trying to play an audio file from the project bin does nothing but change the play to a stop button. It's getting the command but not executing correctly.