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    Compiling CSS with a ClassReference


      I'm having problems with a (very) basic scenario involving compiling css to swf.

      In my project, I have a src/org/xyz folder, with two files:
      1) CoolBorder.as
      2) MySkin.css

      In MySkin.css, I have a class reference to CoolBorder:

      borderSkin: ClassReference("CoolBorder");

      However, when I try to enable 'Compile CSS to SWF", I get the following error:

      "A file found in a source-path must have the same package structure '', as the definition's package, 'org.xyz'."

      Not deterred, I figure that I'll try to use mxmlc to do some good old fashioned command-line compiling. I go into my projects src directory, and type 'mxmlc org\xyz\CoolBorder.as', and I get the exact same error.

      The work-around is to have MySkin.css and CoolBorder.as in completely separate subtrees (i.e MySkin.css can't be anywhere in the src/ folder).

      Is there a way to keep CoolBorder.as and MySkin.as in the same folder? Or do you not believe this is valid scenario?