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    Color picker not sticky?


      Using FW CS3. Why does the color picker keep changing the color I've selected?


      I go into the color picker (with the squares) and then when I want a tint or shade of a color I'm using, I click on the round color wheel icon which opens up the color wheel panel. In here, I normally select the RGB or HSV sliders. But once I have the desired color, and I select this, it does not stick. When I go back and look at the sliders, the values have changed.


      Can anyone tell me why this is?


      For the longest time I put up with this and worked around it, thinking that it was a bug.

      But I downloaded a trial of FW CS5 the other day and the same problem is present.

      Now I'm thinking I might be doing something wrong....?

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          groove25 Level 4

          I'm glad you asked this question! I forgot about using the system Color Picker to create tints and shades, etc.


          That does sound like buggy behavior... Are you on a Mac? If so, when you click on the "round color wheel" icon, you're opening up the system's Color Picker. This tool is color managed, whereas Fireworks is not. If you're working with the RGB or HSB sliders, there's a small spectrum icon to the left of the dropdown menu. Click on this to choose a color profile... Mine is set to "Generic RGB".


          Colors panel.png


          As you select different color profiles, the  RGB or HSB values will change. Once you hit "OK", those values will be sent to Fireworks, where the color may appear different (due to the lack of color management). So... this may not fix the problem you're describing, but it's my best guess. I'm using FW8 on Mac OS 10.6 and don't currently have any problems with the Color Picker.


          BTW, have you tried using the Color Mixer or Color Palette panels to create tints and shades?