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    Help with action essentials stock footage


      Hey guys, believe me I have searched for this answer, pretty much all day yesterday but could not find an answer.


      I'm trying to play around with an effect I have used in vegas before - an action essentials atmosphere (smoke rolling across a black background) being overlayed on an image and then the black background covering everything and the smoke being used to show anything it touches.  I know how to actually do this but am having problems with the stock footage.


      When I bring it into AE it seems the transparency is a bit off, the smoke is kind light and the entire black background has disappeared and become completely transparent!


      I have some similar footage with blood, exactly the same thing happens.


      I have tried so many things now, and being a new comer to the program I'm confused tbh with what I have tried! 


      Any suggestions/ideas would be most appreciated!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your footage has an alpha channel. There are two options in AE for interpretation. You probably want straight alpha. The behavior is normal. Properly interpret the alpha channel and you'll have the results you want. Find footage interpretation by going to the Project panel, selecting the footage, then right clicking and select Interpret footage.