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    rounded logo with transparent background?

    hotwheels222 Level 1

      i have tried to research this and i have tried to do it (with limited success), but can anyone help me with specific steps on how to get a rounded logo with a /transparent/ background? i sometimes get a rounded logo (and sometimes i get stuck) but I have only been able to get a white background and not a transparent one.


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Assuming you want a partially transparent image to be displayed in a web browser, try saving as a PNG file.


          Here's an example of a round object with surrounding transparency, and as a bonus a drop shadow thrown in.    Resize the page to see how it floats.  The spherical puzzle image is a PNG image created in Photoshop with File - Save As - PNG.





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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Only some image file formats support transparency like PSD, PNG and Gif. So if you are going to place your logo on images and different backgrounds you need to store your logo in one of these file formats.  Gif and PNG files do not support layers. Gif only supports 256 mapped colors which may work well for Logos.  PSD supports both layers and transparency.

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              hotwheels222 Level 1

              thanks very much gents.


              can i follow up and ask you /how/ i create the transparent background? i seem to keep creating a white background - but i guess you are saying that i /may/ have a transparent background and it is just showing up as white because of the file type?


              i mean, transparent backgrounds are normally created by dragging an image into a new file with a transparent background and dropping it on top? is there a way to create a transparent background by selecting what you want to keep, deleting the existing background and then making the background of the existing drawing transparent?


              also, does anyone have a reference for creating /rounded/ logos? you know, where you have a square logo and you want to take the corners off and round them up? i found a YouTube explanation by some kid but each time I got back to do this i do something wrong and don't get the red colored shaded area that i am supposed to drag to a new file...



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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                If you open a flat image, make the Background a true layer by double-clicking it.  A true layer can have transparency, and where it is transparent you'll see through to Photoshop's "checkerboard" pattern.


                Now create the transparency by either adding a layer mask or erasing pixels.


                It's as simple as that!