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    ADE and Kobo = RUIN!

    Stuck in Oz

      Okay, so ADE and Kobo have been working along fine on my Mac OS X, until recently. ADE on its own is fine, opens both PDF and Epubs, but the problem comes as soon as the Kobo is hooked into the Mac. The ADE system won't even open. It just hangs there.

      I've also tried dragging and dropping the downloaded books directly from the Mac (without using the ADE), but for some reason the books don't appear in the device library.


      ADE has been re-installed, Kobo as undergone a basic reset (not the factory reset), and still the problem persists. (Kobo is also up to date on all the latest software upgrades)


      I've no idea how to de-authorize the Kobo from the ADE to try and re-authorize, since I can't find that info on Adobe's short-cut list.


      Can anybody please PLEASE help??



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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Deleting and reinstalling ADE usually doesn't change anything.  You

          mentioned that your KOBO ereader has the latest software updates - and that

          may have caused a problem with its interface to ADE.



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            Stuck in Oz Level 1

            I've been told by the good folks at Kobo that I need to de-authorize my Mac from ADE, and re-authorize it. While also factory resetting my Kobo and re-authorizing that.

            Problem is the Cmd+Shift+D combination has no effect on the ADE on my Mac. Is there a way to manually de-authorize my computer? And the Kobo for that matter?




            Anybody in the mood to purchase a second-hand Kobo ?

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              cmd shift e (when the kobo is attached and showing in ADE) is what you are looking for.

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                Stuck in Oz Level 1


                So had to uninstall ADE from the Mac (which included deleting the content files hiding in the Library, which do NOT automatically delete when unistalling the application), and re-installed it. Books were reloaded onto the new version of ADE (to avoid those pesky licencing problems). Kobo was factory reset, which wiped out everything.

                Both the kobo and the Mac were again authorized on the new ADE, and books were uploaded successfully onto Kobo.


                Thanks for the help, guys!