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    F4F playback without a MediaContainer


      I started searching the SMP code and the wiki to understand how to parse the bootstrap data and metadata in the F4M manifest (and bootstrap data downloaded from URLs in the manifest.)


      I am trying to create a 'virtual' player for HDS live and vod sources.  That is, I need the virtual player to process F4M manfest URLs and start downloading the segments/fragments at the correct timing based on fragment duration, etc, BUT I do not want to demux, decode, or play the fragments.


      This may seem strange but I will use this in a test bed to load up producers of HDS streams without having the h/w to play hundreds of HDS streams by the players.  The idea is one computer can run a larger number of virutal players ~ 150 and I can spead the load to just a few computers.


      I read most of the intro data on the wiki and in the Media Players & Media Containers section it dawned on me it might be better to use the OSMF player without a MediaContainer. 


      But I am still naive and wanted to know if the framework would work with such a pruning of a custom player?


      And maybe this has already been done in testing the front end of HDS playback in OSMF player and I could use that?


      And clues would be much appreciated!