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    The seemingly never ending struggle for colour management and consistency!

    Andy_Baz Level 2

      Im in need of help getting my colour management correct and consistent when printing jobs out on my printer.


      For a long time now i have battled with various methods, settings, and profiles to try and achieve colour that is consistent throught my designs and prints, and im very near my boiling point with my latest job.


      I know that colour on the screen and colour when printed are never gonna pefectly match but it would be nice for me to be able to get close as at the moment i am miles away!


      My specs are:


           - G5 imac 3 ghz intel core 2 duo, running OS 10.6.8


           - Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Web & Graphics Package)


           - Oki C9600 Printer



      I design/layout all my jobs in indesign using linked 300dpi CMYK images (usually tiff or psd) manipulated in photoshop when needed assigned with a profile named Oki C9600 1200 dpi (as far as i know this is the correct profile for my printer).


      My indesign files themselves are also assigned the same Oki profile.


      I then export my files to pdf using a setting virtually identical to pdf/x1a except that my colour is converted to a the destination profile, which again is the oki profile.


      I then print out my jobs using Acrobat 9.0, as i find this is easier for me when backing up jobs, ie i print one side of the job and then backup the reverse side using touch up objects tools allowing me to nudge the job as my printer always prints out with a 2mm alignment diffrence from front to back.


      My overall problem is that when jobs i have created or jobs supplied to me, get printed, my colours dont match anywhere near what i see on screen.


      My colour settings are synchronised in the creative suite using bridge but yet, i find images even look different between programs,

      for example i have a job currently that has been supplied to me as pdf i needed to adjust the colour so i used acrobats touch up object feature to open the image in photoshop and the photo looks diffrent in photoshop than when it does in acrobat and ultimately prints out completely diffrent too!!!!!!!!!!!


      Please please please can some one unravel this mess of mine and help me out!!


      All the best


      Andy Barrington