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    Is it possible to modify Content-Disposition in http response header?





      as we are operating several acs4 instances, we are using a http header redirect to forward a customer to the correct acs4 fulfillment server when he tries to download the fulfillment token. On some mobile platforms (especially Android >= v. 3) we are experiencing problems when using the redirect. Instead of establishing the download of the fulfillment token the devices shows the xml content of the file in the webbrowser.


      We have defined several test cases in which we modified the http response that sends the fulfillment token to the client manually.

      When adding "Content-Disposition: attachment" to the http header the experienced problems with Android devices can be resolved as the browser is forced to download the body of the request as file.


      Is it possible to add the "Content-Disposition: attachment" argument to the header of each http response the fulfillment service sends to a client?


      (The Content-Type is already set to application/vnd.adobe.adept+xml correctly)