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    HD to SD - slight playback jitter

    rexeve Level 1

      Hi Forum.


      Does anybody know of any reason why my footage looks and plays smoove when down scaled using Dans great HD to SD method but when affects are applied moving frames in the footage become ever so slightly jittery??


      I have just found out that after closely following Dans instructions and re-importing the final VirtualDub avi file back into premiere, that if I apply any type of effects to this footage any moving frames in the footage become jittery (movement not smoove) this slight stutter is both evident in the timeline playback and also when playing back the exported video file (either to avi or mpeg2-dvd). Please note that static footage in effect/exported footage look perfect its only a slight jitter to any moving frames in the footage.


      Is anyone familiar with this problem? im sure it shouldn't be so but i cant seem to find a solution to this problem no matter what I try..


      (To re cap my VirtualDub avi footage plays back perfect on the timeline but when i apply any effect/title or even export the file without applying any effect/title what so ever the footage plays back jittery.)


      If may not seem like much but my whole project relys on the smoove playback of movement in my footage.


      I feel doomed.


      Please help.