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    Can anyone relate to these wish list items?

    Roddy Mc

      When you select properties of a clip add to report wheather progressive or interlaced.


      Bug with multicam in cs5.5 NOT cs5 add clips to time line then add multicam footage further in the edit, create new sequence bring in your sequence including the multicam,, when you render out unknown error. copy and paste single titme line edits from original sequence to the multicam sequene (which are identicle) then the multicam sequence renders out without an error?


      Show audio as well as footage in preview window


      sound timeline have more control over half frames to sync audio perfectly sometimes its impossible to get exact match visually.


      Add jitter from AE to premiere to add a wobble to footage its a pain to switch between programs just to get an effect.


      Add a denoise video effect like neat video or redgiant denoise II


      Add a stabiliser to wobbly footage like prodad mercalli


      option to add looks to footage like vintage, movie, genre, old, different black and whites, vignette. etc


      Better slow motion its naff over 50% even with frame blending, twixtor can do it find a way to calculate a frame between frames better.


      add anamorphic rezise to frame to stretch horizontal AND vert to fill frame


      Add floating edit tools, having to zoom mouse across screen to select editing tools contantly is a pain, yes I do use keyboard short cuts but its still a pain we need a floating editing tools option to call when needed.


      Add transistions like side swipe (like fast slide but with blur and transistion), lens flare transitions, arty transitions, glow transitions etc


      Better masking tools for compositing like in AE but for footage no for solids etc


      Import 3d objects and manipulate move rotate etc like the text editor. Also give the object a channel to add effects.


      Include all pal settings in NTSC countries include all PAL setting in NTSC countries

      and example vimeo setting in h.264 in usa is set to ntsc, wheres the pal version?


      option to select multiple clips in a timeline and reduce audio level bar or video visual bar in ALL the clips not limited to one clip at a time PAIN IN THe A....S


      Also option to select multiple key frames on the clip (not effects window) by drag a box, having to multi select each keyframe is boring and often fails.


      hope this helps making general editing for most a lot simpler and faster with out the need for loads of expensive plugins, easier work flow opening up for more creative editing compositing and generally faster work flow. help iron out the monotony of editing.