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    RoboHTML - automating with maven


      We automated the help build/deploy process using a combination of maven and CVS. All was working fine until one of the writers introduced variables. We are running RHTML 8.0.2,

      and using just Default Variable Set. When we generate locally (from RHTML UI or from command line), the output shows the variable substitution. However, when we generate

      using mvn package or mvn deploy (which creates the help.war and puts it in the right place for the system build), the variable substitution breaks. We have checked the sttings.xml,

      revised the pom.xml to try different ways to run the WebHelp compiler through maven. The rhvariables.apj file is in the directory with the XPJ file (and other apjs). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          After much experimentation, I stumbled upon another Post in the forum that actually provided the solution -

          User-Defined Variable not Updating at Generate Layout


          The project was imported from an older version of RH and none of the older topics had a Master page assigned. I assigned the project's Master page to a few of the older topics that have variables, reran mvn package to get a local help war file. When I looked at the output from maven, the variables were properly substituted. If anyone understands why RHCL run from the RHTML UI or from the command line gave the variable substitution just fine yet when run from maven it didn't, please post here.