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    Tim Cunningham-ACP ACP

      Today you guys pushed out Cumulative hotfix #2.  It installed like a dream! To me this is the most useful feature in the 10 release.  Thanks so much!


      I do have a question:


      Before installing the update description read:

      "This is ColdFusion 10 Beta cumulative hotfix 2. It includes fix for Bug ID 3117366(issue with implicit getters throwing error when they are called from inside cfc corresponding cfproperty is not initialized). Once the fix is installed, even without initialization of cfproperty, implicit getters can be called on it."


      The wording "it includes"  implies that other fixes are included with it.  However after installing the hot fix the update description reads:


      'This hotfix fixes issue with implicit getters throwing error when not initialized and called from inside cfc(Bug#3117366). Once the fix is installed, even without initialization of cfproperty implicit getters can be called on them."


      The second description implies that this was the ONLY issue addressed.



      1. Will the update description in the ColdFusion Administrator the definative place for and explanation of what is being addressed? Or will their be an additional place to read the exhaustive information?
      2. Why is the description of the update different after installation?
      3. What bugs did HotFix hf-10-00002 address?
      4. What do the different update levels mean? This is listed as update level 02? Does it go all the way to 11?



      Tim Cunningham

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          carl type3 Community Member

          All updates will be cumulative according to this post:


          Perhaps in part assists with question 3


          Got to agree with Tim Cf10 update is great.


          Cheers, Carl.

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            Sandeeppaliwal Community Member

            Hi Tim,

            1) Update description will not only be the place to get exaustive information about the update. It will be more likea quick summary about the path, what it includes, list of bug etc. There is also a read more link post description which is meant to point to an online doc(technote with detailed information about it. Since this is a beta update and not released product we don't have a technote associated with the one released( but there will be once there are updates released for final release)


            2) Its was a monor issue at our end where decription in hotfix installer was different then information pusehed online. ideally both will be in sync.


            3) the current hotfix only has fix for bug 3117366.


            4) Each new hotfix released will have incremental update level. This prevents from installing an older hotfix over newer one, and also helps to quickly identify what is the patch level on server. So you can check update level in installed updates tag and get information whether a particular security/bug fix was actually applied on server ot not.


            Hope this helps to solve some of the confusion.

            Good to hear that you gyus are liking the feature .



            Sandeep Paliwal

            Adobe ColdFusion team.