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    Developing AIR app for android

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      I'm kind of a Flex developer, and I'm going to develop an android app.

      At the moment I'm trying to decide what would be the best aproach for this kind of work.

      As I'm pretty confortable using Flex, I was thinking on building it using the Flex framework for mobile devices, but I can't find the information that I need or I'm not asking the right questions, on the right places.

      On the adobe website, it appears that only a few android devices suport running applications deployed with air (http://www.adobe.com/flashplatform/certified_devices/smartphones.html)... is this real? For instance, if I want to develop an app for the masses, according to the adobe list of suported devices, smartphones like the samsung galaxy gio or ace, lg maximo/optimus black wouldn't be able to run my app. These are very common phones, and not very bad I believe. Am I undestanding this correctly? I did a test app with only a label (hello world ) and tryed to install it in a samsung galaxy gio, but I get the message that air is not supported on the device. Am I missing something? Are there going to be any good news regarding this any time soon?


      Hope someone can enlighten me reggarding this subject.


      Best regards,

      Alexandre Mota

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          Don't let that list scare you. Those are only the "officially supported" devices that will work with Flash Builder out of the box, without any additional device drivers. You should be able to deploy to any Android device, however, perhaps certain "untested" implementations of Android could introduce bugs (just like any cross-platform environment).


          I have been using the Asus Transformer for awhile, which seems to have just recently added to the "list of supported devices." I think "list of tested devices" would be a more accurate name for that list...



          As for your failed install, you may need to install the app as a captive runtime, install the AIR framework, or install the correct USB debugging drivers for the device.