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    attachMovie problems

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      I am having some problems with the attachMovie method and can't really
      explain why.

      In my movie I am attaching a button like this:

      this.attachMovie("block_btn", "block_btn_01", 5, {_x:0, _y:0, _alpha:50});

      After I do this, I want to detach it later and that is causing some
      issues. I am trying to do it like this and it does not work:


      On the other hand this does work, so I know I have the path right:

      _parent.block_btn_01._x = -50;

      I listed the objects after exporting the movie and it tells me this:

      Button: Target="_level0.block_btn_01"

      Why would it show up _level0?
      Why can I move it, but not remove it?

      I looked for duplicates when I did the "List Objects" but did not find any?

      What could be going on here?

      Thank you for any help with this!