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    can Audio Master Meter show the volume when I play and scrub clip in source monitor

    yingtaoshenfu 2

      Hello everyone, I just moved from fcp to pp. So far my experience with this software is nothing short of awesome.

      However, there is a major issue preventing me to devote to PP thoroghly. In FCP, when I play a clip in the source monitor,  the fluctuance of the volume is being shown  in the Audio Master meter at the bottom right corner of the FCP. It is really convenient for me to find the right editing point, especially when I'm looking for a clapping point of slate.


      But in PP, the audio meter can only show volume when something is played on the sequence track or in the sequence monitor. When I play sth in the source monitor. the audio meter shows nothing, nothing whatsoever! It is really a letdown for me since I love the rest part of the software so much.


      I've turn on and off  the" play audio when scrubbing" again, it only affects the sequence monitor and timeline.


      Could someone told me if there is a way to show audio volume when play clip in source monitor?