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    bitmapped buttons overlapping in Fireworks? Can you manipulate similar to a polygon hotspot?

    Sadie Jo Prosser

      I have created beautiful bitmapped buttons  in Photoshop and decided to use fireworks instead of flash because fireworks handles transparent files. header-flattened.gif

      So I saved each button out individually and then when converting to a button this happens:


      So as you can see the button would be active when rolling over parts of the following two buttons. I tried to save the images out straight up and down (not at an angle) and created button symbol and then rotated, same thing happened. When masked same thing happens?? Can I manipulate the button symbol area's shape like a polygon hot spot? I am so frustrated I even tried to do this in flash but I need a transparent background so my custom background shows through. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME OR TELL ME IT CAN'T BE DONE SO I CAN BEGIN TO RETHINK & REDESIGN IF I HAVE TO.