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    Sharing to Facebook


      When itry to share my photos to Facebook I get a blank white screen that says success in the top corner anyone help, I have tried logging in and out of Facebook to no avail ! Anyone help?

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          Emiliya Iskrenova

          Hi, I have the exact same problem - facebook appears as "not signed in" and when I click sign in comes a white screen with "Success" on it. I already signed in once, allowed the app to use my personal data etc. but now nothing. Adobe, Please help.

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            thtleung Level 2

            I believe this question has been asked and answered.  Here's what I remember of the answer:


            1. Log into Facebook from a browser;

            2. Go to Account Settings;

            3. Go to Security;

            4. Disable Secure Browsing;

            5. Start up PS Touch on your tablet;

            6. Hit the 'fb' logo to connect to Facebook;

            7. After you are connected go back to your Facebook settings to enable Secure Browsing.


            You should now be able to access from or share your FB account from PS Touch.

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              Thanks. This worked perfectly.