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    Frame rates and Import

    newwoodworker Level 1

      I am recording with a Canon XA10 set at 60fps but when I Import the files to the timeline they go down to 29.97 fps. Is that the only option? I have been pouring through the help files and stuff but can't find anything about changing the frame rate in Premiere Pro CS5. the output looks fine but we wanted to do a time study and need to know for sure what the frame rate is on both the raw AVCHD file recorded at 60fps and the file Premiere makes which appears to always be at 29.97fps.


      Am I missing someting? (again?)

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Chances are the camera maker's incorrect labeling has again caused confusion here.


          The standard is to list only the frame rate, whether it's interlaced or progressive footage, never the field rate.  But camera makers have taken to labeling things incorrectly.  What should be labeled as 30i (or 29.97i) often get's labeled as 60i (or 59.94i).  It's actually the same footage, label two ways.  The camera labels it incorrectly at 60i (59.94i), but PP sees it for what it is, 30i (29.97i).

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            newwoodworker Level 1

            OK, I understand the 30fps vs 29.97 discrepancy but when the camera is set to 60fps, why does it come out to be 29.97 on the Premiere timeline and not 59.97? That's where I am getting confused.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Most likely because the camera isn't really set to 60 frames per second, but only 30 frames per second, which gets recorded as 60 fields per second.


              It's the whole labeling thing.  For interlaced material, your camera should say 30, not 60.  But camera makers get it wrong and label it 60, thus causing this type of confusion.

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                You can select your clip(s), go to Clip>Modify>Interpret Footage, and set whatever frame rate and interlace option you want.  Perhaps Pr is just interpreting your footage incorrectly.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  That's unlikely in this case.  According to Canon, the camera only records 30i (which they incorrectly label as 60i), 24p or 30p.  There are no 60 fps recording options.


                  So Premiere Pro is interpreting it correctly.  It's just that Canon has labeled it incorrectly, thus causing the confusion.