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    Need to populate tickets with seat and row

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      Attached is the chart for seating. Same numbering convention for vast majority so I know I can create an excel file with the numbers. But I need row and number. Ticket is 4.25 high x 1.5 wide so I can get 28 on 11 x 17 or 14 on 8.5 x 11, whichever is easier to manage. Seating chart attached. I know I can do a sheet for each row (which adds up to 28) but I was hoping to print in such a way that I can stack and pack. Any advice appreciated.

      Auditorium Seating Chart.jpg

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          I would do a datamerge. The source file will require some manual input, but can be automated somewhat. Start with 2 columns "Row" and "Seat Number". Autofill the Row column with B, Autofill Seat Number column 1-14 and 110-114. Copy and paste the 2 columns, in the Row column, replace "B" with "C". Edit the deviations for the Seat Numbers. Basically have a spreadsheet with records B1 to Z14. Then do a multiple record merge that best fits the tickets on your sheet.