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    'Flashplayer Upgrade' Failure... Leads to Loss of Active & Replacement Issues


      Having had Flash Player version operating successfully on a 32-bit XP desktop (Intel Pentium 4; 2.80 GHz; Firefox) for some time... yesterday I responded to Adobe prompting to install an update.  Never having had previous issues in that process with our system... couldn't download the update.


      Followed on-line help suggestions with no success.  Initially, was able to get the downloading started & got to the point of shutting down Firefox to allow the download to continue its progression... but couldn't get past that hurdle.  Followed the suggestion to remove the existing/active Flash Player... and after accomplishing that, couldn't even get past the third step in that download process.  Clicking "Run" on the "Open File" Security Warning for the ".exe" window generated the following error message:  "script error on line 268, character 1, error: Expected '}', code: 0, URL:".  Clicking "Yes" to continue running scripts on that page resulted in two more similarly-formatted error messages... and beyond that, nothing happened.  The process was seemingly locked up.


      Now about 8 hours into a fruitless and frustrating exercise of research for resolution, I've registered for my first experience in this forum.  I will try to post this plea for help ... and try to learn the navigation system in this new environment!


      Any insight... thoughts... or suggestions will be much appreciated!!!