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    Can aspect ratio changes be detected with HTTP Dynamic Streaming?

    zattoo1 Level 1

      I have a video player built using MediaPlayer and MediaPlayerSprite that plays HTTP Dynamic streams. Sometimes the aspect ratio of the stream changes and AFAICT, the aspect ratio change is not recognized by the OSMF framework. The video dimensions stay the same as the first frame of *rendered* video. The MediaPlayerSprite instance's scaleMode property is set to letterbox, so that's not the issue. I can confirm that the MediaPlayer instance knows nothing about a changed aspect ratio by polling mediaWidth and mediaHeight and MediaPlayer doesn't dispatch any DisplayObjectEvent.MEDIA_SIZE_CHANGE events.


      As an aside, the behavior has changed between 1.0 and 1.6. In 1.0, the dimensions in the manifest were respected, but with 1.6, the dimensions of the inital frame of rendered video stick. My player actually seeks upon receiving a MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent with state MediaPlayerState.PLAYING, so there can be a mismatch between the dimensions of the inital frame of rendered video and the manifest. This is not the source of the problem; it occurs whether or not the inital rendered frame dimensions match the manifest.


      Any advice as to whether this is a bug/missing feature or whether there's a way to detect this?