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    Document sizing problem


      I am a digital scrapbook designer and I, and several fellow designers, have just started experiencing some odd behavior in CS.  It is occuring on both Mac and PC platforms and in versions of CS3 through 5.


      We create 12 x 12 in (3600 x 3600 px) 300 dpi documents used by our customers as "backgrounds" for digital scrapbooking kits. We save the documents as jpg's Basline Standard, anywhere from 8-12. Sometimes, if we open a saved jpg and place (drag) it onto a new 12 x 12 document, we notice that the saved file is just a bit and sometimes as much as an 8th of an inch smaller than the new document, even though they are both 12 x 12, 300 dpi. Additionally sometimes when we drag the saved files from Finder or Windows Explorer to a new document while holding the shfit key to center placement, we're still off by that same 8th of an inch.  Sometimes, if we align the horizontonal and vertical, the same jpg will be perfectly aligned and no longer too small for the 12 x 12 document and sometimes you can very clearly see the edges of the layer beneath.


      This issue is driving us nuts because it just started happening recently and our customers, who very often have their finished scrapbook pages printed, have also started noticing.  I don't have a clue where start trouble-shooting this.  Anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks for your help.  vicki

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          What happens if you do a Select All before placing the file?

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            veejayr2 Level 1

            "What happens if you do a Select All before placing the file?"


            Thanks for your response R_Kelly.


            Could you say a bit more about that?  Do you mean to do a Select All and then copy and paste the jpg into the new document?  I can try that, but could you help me understand what that will tell me?


            The problem is that saved jpgs are opening in a slightly, but noticeably smaller size than they are when they are saved.  A workaround won't help because there are hundreds, probably thousands of customers expecting a 12 x 12 document to be 12 x 12 when they open it.  So I'm trying to figure out what is causing this problem all of a sudden.


            Again, thanks for any help.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You should try his suggestion.  I believe it may be a way to work around the problem you're seeing.



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                veejayr2 Level 1

                Noel, I am hope K_elly will say more about what he/she means. Select all on the file that is now too small? Then wnat? What am trying to accomplish by doing this? If this is a workaround, how will that help? Will doing so tell me something about what the problem it? Will doing so make the problem go away? I just need more info from R_Kelly, beause I am not understanding his/or suggestion.


                As I said, our customers expect a 12 x 12 document when they buy one and all of sudden that's not happening.


                Thanks again.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Not having gone down the road myself, I can only guess he means Select All on the document you're placing the image into.


                  I think there was a thread on this forum about a week ago about placed images not positioning / sizing properly, and selecting all was found to be a workaround.



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                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                    Maybe if you could post a screenshot to illustrate what your seeing.


                    This is the tread that Noel is talking about: