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    Depth to text for real 3D feel?

    Van Garmon Level 1

      Hello all.


      I am new to After Effects but I am all over the lynda.com tutorials and I have done some filter work on some 2D text and worked on the XYZ planes but I am wanting to get that real 3D effect with some depth on my text.


      Can anyone direct me to a link or perhaps give me some information on accomplishing this?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could also look at this short tutorial (there's a movie in the description) and download the project file. You'll find it here.


          You can also use an expression to stack up copies of your text layer 1 pixel apart in Z, then fly the camera around them. If you're on the latest version of AE all you have to do is separate the position value, alt/option click on the stopwatch to add an expression and simply type Index in the field. You then duplicate the text layer. It's a good idea to change the color of the duplicated layer slightly. Now parent the duplicated layer to the bottom layer. Select the top layer and duplicate it as many times as you'd like. Each duplicate adds 1 pixel of z depth to the text. When you get enough duplicates select all copies except the bottom layer and lock them. Now you're free to move the text layers around the composition as you please. If you've set the layers shy switch you can hide all the duplicates in the timeline to make your composition easier to manage.


          It looks like this:


          Screen Shot 2012-03-03 at 6.22.22 AM.png

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            Van Garmon Level 1

            Wow.  I will need to budget more time for text creation.


            A new question arrises now with this method.  If I need to make some type of partical transition do I need to apply the same effect to all txt layers?  I can't remember if I can group all the text layers into one and just apply any transition effects one time.


            Thank for the quick lesson.

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              Van Garmon Level 1

              Your link is helpful but I notice the true 3D effect is accomplished by combining the bottom layer with the text layer thus making the 3D text the same texture or image.  I suppose I could just make my shape layer with whatever color to accompolish my look.

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                Van Garmon Level 1

                What are your thoughts on using the "multi layer" method as opposed to the Custom Shatter option as in the youtube link above.  Any thoughts are helpful.