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    RH 7 Feature Question

    srmsrm Level 1
      I'm using a RoboHelp HTML 2002r2. I'm looking at upgrading to RH7 and was wondering if one feature was added. I looked at RH7 but could not find it, so I'm hoping I missed it. Here is my question.

      I have one topic (lets call it Common Topic) that I want to use in ten different topics. Right now, that Common Topic is copied in ten different places and when I need to edit that topic, I need to edit it in then different places. What I want to do is include the data itself (not a link) to Common Topic in those ten different topics. For example, when a user opens one of those ten topics, they see the data from Common Topic. They do not have to click on a link to see the data in Common Topic, the data is already displayed. What this allows me to do is edit one topic and those changes are seen in all ten locations.

      I don't think I can use the include capability in the True Code, but not sure.

      With IFRAMES, I'm limited with the height not always being correct so really cannot use this option.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.