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    IE10 Consumer Preview Still Only Does Half Color-Management

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      The Internet Explorer version 10 Consumer Preview does not do full color-management - it ignores the monitor profile.


      This is not a real surprise, as I have had it confirmed to me by someone inside Microsoft, but I thought I'd just pass along that in my Windows 8 CP testing I've verified this to actually be the case.


      IE9 and IE10 do not manage the color of web page elements at all, and both interpret image color profiles in images if they're present, but they only convert the colors to sRGB, no matter what monitor profile you're actually using.  For calibrated and profiled systems, this yields inaccuracy; for example, with wide gamut monitors the colors of images carrying a profile will always be oversaturated.


      Sigh.  Progress marches on EVER so slowly.