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    embedded .swf controller doesn't display

      I'm using robohelp html and I've been trying to embed a .swf with a controller in a topic. I need the .swf and controller because I'd like the user to have the option not to play the .swf. I selected Insert->Multimedia/Demo and then pulled in the .swf file, which was built with a controller that displays in .htm files.

      After embedding the .swf, when I preview the topic, the .swf doesn't display a controller and it auto-plays. I went to the True Code (HTML) screen and saw that Robohelp had embedded the .swf with controller=false and ShowControls=0. I manually edited the HTML to controller=true and ShowControls=1, and then saved the topic. I returned to the Design screen, then immediately back to the HTML screen. Once again, controller had reverted back to false and ShowControls to 0. I re-saved them as true and 1, but as soon as Ieft the HTML screen, they reverted back to false and 0. I cannot get the HTML to save with controller=true and ShowControls=1, and I cannot get Robohelp to display the controller that is part of the .swf. Anyone run into a solution for this problem?

      By the way, I tried this with .swf's built with both Captivate and Camtasia. No luck with either version.