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    I’m looking for a small group of keen everyday FLEX Dev.

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      I have in August last year opened a web Application (Flash/FLEX) for Artists, Designer, Models, Photographers, Stylists and for businesses (General). To date I’m looking after 70 Individual Artists from over 20 countries, and more to be published which I’m working on.

      My main Application is build as a main menu set up strait forward and quiet basic http://www.uppercut.webflashartistry.com connecting Visitors to the Individual web Sub-Domain Applications sites of the Artists promoted.

      Everything is hosted in the US, but I’m operating this all myself from New Zealand.

      Now, I’m looking for a small group of keen everyday FLEX developers which are interested in Art, photography and web & desktop Application, and would like to be a part of a set up like this to join in as I do expect and of course aim for greater things to happen.
      My intention is to cooperate with a few keen people who are not only knowledgeable with FLEX, but also maybe good with PhotoShop or have good Social Media skills, good with fonts and making up Ad’s and so on! I’m totally open to what anybody would have to offer.

      Everything I do is for free for these Artists and I do not intent to change that at all, but I would like to open up my main menu software (as well the Artists Apps.) which are at present only used by maybe 10% and I would like to streamline and improve the software as well as attract advertising etc.


      There are other items of interest in this project which are bound to create revenue for all developers involved once the set up is more established.

      What I can offer at this stage to anybody interested is a promotional ‘Online Presence’ Application (Sub-Domain web site and desktop) and advertisement within the main menu App. as developer or maybe as what ever you see yourself as an Artists! Maybe not much at all, but an outlet and a promotional tool to be better known or get known with your own personal work.


      There is of course so much more to this project but just to much to mention here, and there are also other Applications already available for this project e.g. web and desktop which can be further developed and published.


      All in all a mayor project set up promising to be noted in due course!!!

      My contact details are WebFlashArtistry@gmail.com as parent E-mail address for the moment


      regards aktell