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    accessibility with flash builder and a screen reader


                     hi. a blind website student, using the Jaws for Windows screen reader from htttp://www.freedomscientific.com. was trying to build a basic flash builder flex project, and using jaws 13.0.718, on a toshiba laptop with windows 7 professional 32 bit. now using the adobe cs 5.5 student web premium. i then pressed alt  f, then new, then arrow right to flex project. then put in my name of the project, clicked to browse the folder, then there was a next and finish button, well clicked the finish button. the code windows comes up, press control  !~ which took me to  design view. now my troubles start. have to use the mouse cursur for jaws, which is the jaws cursur. and now, was able to left click using the caps key, which is the insert key, and then able to use the f 8 key for left click mouse simulation. but then came to a tree view, pressed t, until i heard text area, then tabbed around. no add button. so how do i add a component using the keyboard. or do i need to enable accessibility. and also tried to get to the properties of the control. managed to do that some how, but could not find the id property. so if any one can help me, new to flash builder and flex. Marvin, From Devonport, tasmania, australia. if any one can help please e-mail me via startrekcafe@gmail.com