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    Inserting an excel table calculation into Adobe Livecycle




      I am a newbie in Adobe Livecycle, but a friend of mine has recommended me to to use it for what I have in mind:


      an electronic fluid prescription to exclude errors in prescribing fluids for patients


      - a already created an excel spreadsheet, which works fine, but the user interface for data entering doesn't look great, hence the idea to program it in Adobe Livecycle


      now entering text fields / drop down menus is easy and I have done this already, now here is the tricky thing for me, which I couldn't source on the internet


      here the example:



      the primary source data is entered in Table 1: Field B12 (Type of fluid / medication), the weight is also entered




      Now this source data is referred to an excel table calculation to create field B13, B14, C12, C13, C14 depending on what is initially selected on B12.


      The trick is sometimes, despite the same medication / fluid is different concentration in regards to weight...



      Probably someone has any tricks and tips for me ... I would appreciate all help ! Thanks a lot, Marc