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    I can't get them to open.


      I can't get the books I download from the library to open in the Adobe Digital Editions.

      How can I remedy this?  I can save them to my computer, but they just won't pop up on the Editions.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          If this happens every time you download ebooks from a particular library

          source, but NOT when you download ebooks from another source like

          Gutenberg.org, then I'd contact the library's technical support function

          and explain what happens to them - in a bit more detail.  If NO ebook you

          download can be opened, then perhaps it's a procedural issue, and not a

          software issue.


          I don't have enough information from your post to try to walk you through

          the steps.



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            I have same problem.  Books downloaded perfectly from library and go through the motions of syncing to kobo, but they don't appear on the ereader.  Purchased books work fine.  Library books worked in the past.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              When something worked and doesn't any more, it's usually because someone

              changed something.  If you didn't do anything, and you're having trouble

              working with the library that worked fine before, then it's probably

              something they changed.  You should contact the library and talk with their

              technical support.