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    Preview area in Export Settings window is blank

    pkroll Level 1

      Hi all!


      I have a pretty straight forward problem. When I go to the Export Settings window, the area on the left that normally previews the video (and would allow me to see cropping and such things) a blank grey background. If I scrub through the video, I sometimes see a glimpse of a little message in the center saying 'rendering...' or something like that, and once in while when I open the window, I see a brief flash of a distorted image there, sort of like a flash from an old VHS tape or something, with weird lines and and odd or greyscale coloring.


      It doesn't seem to matter what kind of file I have loaded up. So far it has had the same problem on a ProRes .mov, PhotoJPEG .mov, and even a regular old still image .jpg file.


      I have updated AME to the latest version ( 64-bit) and I am running OS X 10.7.3...


      Any insight? I really liked that window!


      Thanks in advance!