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    Need some help with my HD arrangment

    moto ct

      hi i have the Asus z68 V pro mobo

      which gives me 4 3GB and 4 6GB sara hookup 2xlight blue 1xwhite 1xnavy blue

      i7 2600k

      16gb vengance ram

      2x GTX 470 sli

      the whole system is fully water cooled cpu/ram/mobo/ hard drives and video cards  -

      OC 4.8 - 5.0

      video card not OC yet




      i have these following Hardrives and this is the arrangment i was thinking but ofcourse needing proper advice


      1x ocz 240gb ssd sata3

      1x corsair f60 sata2

      2x samsung spin f3  7200 1tb 32m

      2x wd Vraptor 10k 300gb

      2x hitachi 5k3000


      was going to use

      OCZ as O/S on the marvell  not sure if it can be donee

      F60 as export on the marvell  " is good to export to ssd for i keep reading about write speed" and if cant export to here i might aswell use for second O/c drive

      2 Hitachi on ther 2 6gb slot

      2 samsun raid 0 on the 3gb slot for media and projects

      2 raptor raid 0 on the 3gb pagefile cache


      but please help for i really dont know what am doing and why it came to my head


      yeah sorry i also use this comp for Cad software like solidworks and  autocad and other 3d applications with a cnc machine so i think am trying to 50/50