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    The future of DPS


      Clearly the folio builder and tools are being used to create much more than magazines and brochures. The tool enables designers to create apps without all the programming mumbo jumbo.


      As one of these types of users, I'd love to see each "article" just stop at the end of viewing like a traditional app insteaad of continuing on to the next article. There are some other minor functionality changes that would be great so it's not so article driven and more section oriented.


      Are there plans to evolve Folio Builder beyond the Magazine target audience? Do you need someone to beta test?! It's such a powerful and easy tool and I advocate heavily as a solution in our company for traditional print designers to create cost-effective apps and join the digital realm. But there are some limitations. I've seen some other companies coming up with solutions to create apps with templates, but they aren't as intutive nor as rich as the InDesign Folio Builder.