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    Can't delete or find non existing files in Errors tab and in/out palette

    StevenShmerler Level 1

      I have two files (findlaw.html and cyrites.html) that no longer are in use that I want to trash.


      When I trash either of the files, I  get 5 Missing Files in the Error Tab that are supposedly linked to these two files I want to trash.


      I've gone through the site many times and can't find these missing files.


      I have back up copies of the 2 files I want to trash and when I put them back in the site, the missing files are no longer in the Missing Tab.


      When I use the In and Out palette and select either findlaw.html or cyrites.html, sure enough the files that end up in the Missing tab are indicated as being linked to these two files.


      from within the In/Out palatte, showing one of the files I want to trash, and showing the 5 files linked to it, if I mouse over any of these 5 files I get the path where they supposedly

      are hidding out, but when I go to the folders they are supposed living in, they are not there.


      Also when mousing over these files it says: template.html (Void) - that's one of the real names of the missing 5 files.


      I've tried doing: Site > Update > Refresh All  - but this doesn't break the connection of the missing 5 files to the 2 pages I want to trash.


      Any ideas?