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    Can't Download Kuler??

    TynaRyans Level 1

      Ok so when I got to http://download.macromedia.com/pub/kuler/Kuler.air and I try to download it I get a whole lot of text with things like:

      PK   �p�95 �[;; mimetypeapplication/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zipPK    ���8����      4  META-INF/AIR/application.xml�Y�nܸ ��}

      � h��^�O ������S_/� ;�~( � w� Iԑ�w�� �k��:3�(J+'��

      �-�����͐N_mʂ= m��.�dz�) U�rY-/���� Ϧ�擔�u!3n�����\LW���IR� �ս�e�L��ID� ώ����d/��� ~_"��� ��y~�g�:< ��f���Gv m�F�L��*ͮd!؝(��[1�u����B

      �j�y),h� @*sQY�  LV����w^���M����6� 6�� �k�^�#��

      5� V� -��w ��@Y       �U֔  Q g2 ;dw+ i[�����8g��Q�f�^��doo   �Xf� �bj�,� ��  ����[�iQ ݀�J�����Z䤈]I [�Y��3Z �JYɲ)o��V?� Qx��8� &XA3_� �a L �0@ ��ޕRhf�&'6��� (�P� �زe�t/�� ��

      ��)��AL}��N ��¯�mۚ

      �+� G���  ��Q� ����9����eQ�8;�>�� 5��� �{V���q�� �.c^gzg;�� Y.

      �� |r�% �Zh���5[cE9c�A���     wel/��s e�u���$��> ��]d, �h?�y�


      ��dW�6KȦA'Y�����e,�*(�F �΍!G��ԅ҂R��� #BKʉ?��~�̊k �Y8� ?�$f9��/2Uo�\�,l &*}R ����?�f� ���љO�[��a׀��V�C�'�,

      � i


      How do I fix this so I can download Kuler??



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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Tyna,


          Try right clicking on the download link you posted and looking for a "Save As" or "Save Link As" option, it sounds like it was opening the download as a webpage rather than saving it as a file. You could also test in a different web browser if that is practical.


          Hope that helps,