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    PE 10 v PE 4

    Manstandvd Level 1

      I already have premier elements 4 on one computer.


      I have just purchased a vew higher spec PC. I have also purchased Premiere Elements 10 and just installed it.


      To my horror it appears to have less DVD menus than PE 4. In particular less Wedding Menus. Only 2 in fact. Am I missing something?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Did you install the Additional Functional Content? That is a separate install.


          If you installed via the media, look to the last disc (or two), in the set for that additional material.


          If you installed via a download, and only got one file, you need to get the second, whick, IIRC, is a 7z "archived" file, and you will just Extract that, and install that additional material.


          Also, do not Delete PrE 4.0 yet, as Adobe does change Menus, from time to time, and might delete some, and add others. Between PrE 4.0 and 10, the Menu Sets are the same format, PSD, so if you are missing some favorites, you can Copy those over, into the Library for PrE 10. If you need to do this, we can offer instructions, as there are a few things to consider, but it is simple.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            OK, this thread is probably better to continue in, than the one that links to the Help files, or at least I think so.


            Now, you have more Menu Sets in PrE 4.0, than in PrE 10.


            In Windows Explorer, take a look at the Library folder and sub-folder structure. They will be very similar in both PrE 4.0 and PrE 10. Take tiime to take notice of the files contained in those sub-folder. They will likely be PSD's, some PNG's with similar names, and if the Menu Set is a Template, there will be Motion Assets, which may be Video files, or both Video and Audio files.


            Compare the sub-folders, for say "Wedding," and Copy over the sub-folders, with their entire content, from PrE 4.0, that do not appear in PrE 10. Copy those sub-folders to the Wedding "root folder." Do this with PrE 10 closed. Follow that procedure for each genre of DVD Menus, where there are missing sub-folders.


            Note: PrE 10 included some "fixes" to Menu Sets, but those were primarily troublesome Menu Sets, from PrE 9.0. Still, I would NOT overwrite any of the Menu Sets from PrE 10, with those from PrE 4.0.


            Also note: at a point before PrE 4.0, Adobe made a significant change in how Menu Sets worked. I do not recall exactly when that change was made, but if one has Menu Sets from versions, before PrE 4.0, they might, or might not work.


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              LarryGB11 Level 1

              There is a way to recover some of the Menu Templates from previous versions, but as Bill says, things are changing. If you do a google search on Premier Elements DVD Menu Templates, there are other forums that have mentioned and explained how to copy some of those templates up to newer versions. A hit or miss lesson at the least. I have done it with Version 4, 8, and 9, to 10 but even that version has some changes, and is becoming a different beast. Just create a new folder under the current Menu themes folders, and copy in the ones you'd like to try. That way you won't overwrite newer, similar themes, and break the ones that are more current.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                No need to post the same question more than once, Manstand. Even if you are "horrified".


                If you've installed all of the program's content, you should have nearly 65 disc menu templates.


                Additional menu templates are available with a Plus membership to Photoshop.com and through Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com.

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                  Manstandvd Level 1



                  Thanks for that. Have managed to transfer a couple of menus from 4 to 10. No apparent harm done. Will see how that works before doing any more. It’s just there were some that suited my needs and they had disappeared in the new version.