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    timeline hekl


      1.turn left or right is solved

      2.the page hunt sent me is helpfull



      these are my problems



      The time and the scene line are not in sync

      as a matter of fact they are quite Different also there a blue space in the timeline







      the audio differs location when i shutdown the computer and

      it is way off



      it does not start at the beginning

      it starts after the photos



      enclosed is a screen shot 0f the blue stuff



      it is easy to do screenshots with my mac

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          It appears that the screen-cap did not attach. In the Toolbar, at the top of the forum editing screen, there is a little "camera" icon, and with that, you can attach a screen-cap in JPEG, or PNG formats. Not sure which other formats will be allowed, but Adobe's own Photoshop PSD is not one of them.


          Good luck, and that screen-cap might well tell the story.