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    Passing Arguments to application from browser launch


      I am developing a suite of applications that launch from the browser. These applications are used for editing the XML files that display the content for the domian to be edited. I am storing variables for the files in SharedObjects which I am picking up in the SWF application that launches the AIR applications.
      The problem I am hitting is that the Array arguments in airSWF.launchApplication(appID, pubID, arguments); just throws back an error when I pass anything other than a numeral or integer, even idf it is set in a string. For example I am wanting to pass a string variable like "AT245000001_0_1" but it throws an error at the underscores. Also I want to pass a string containing a path like "assets/resources/english" but it does not like the "/". I have found that quoting out by preceeding with a "\" works for the underscore. SO maybe I can do a work around.
      My next question really is, how do I pick up the arguments after I have launched the application?

      Thank you.