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    Creating photo book on iPad




      I am getting the impression that I can't use my new  iPad for creating photo books from my snapfish/shutterfly accounts?  One of the big reasons I got an iPad was to continue my hobby of making photo books online, having the photo books be created by snapfish, and then paying for them to be created and sent to me. 


      Do u know of any other way around this? I feel like an idiot for not investing this before purchasing an iPad, and hope that I don't need to buy a lap top/desk top.





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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Molly,


          Adobe makes several iPad apps for working with photos but none currently for creating the type of photobooks which are commercially printed and mailed to you. Adobe Lightroom 4 which was just released has features for creating photo books of this type, but that runs on a computer not on an iPad obviously. Adobe makes a program called Adobe Revel, which allows you to upload your photos to a cloud service to be able to view all your photos on all your devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac, and eventually on Windows computers). Adobe Revel, like Lightroom, allows you to apply non-destructive global edits and effects to your images and supports sending out to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. I'm not aware of any apps that allow you to do what you are seeking, you might check with Snapfish and Shutterfly to see if they have recommendations.