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    Understanding Photo Sizes

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have a photo that is 3200px x 2400px.

      When i drag the file in from the drive and place it on a 1080p TL in the motion tab of the source monitor it says 100% for size.

      This confuses me cause i know the niether demnsion of my sequence is 3200 or 2400.


      If i asume that Premier is scaling this then the motion tab would say something like 37% but it doesn't. If it did then i wiuld know that at 100% the size of this file would be 3200x2400. That would make it easy to calculate the point at which i am pushing it past its original demensions. and at 105% it would start to visibllyloosing quality.


      Premier always says 100%.on my photos (png or jpg) so how do i know when my obviously scaled down import is at its original 3200x2400 resolution ??