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    premiere elements 10 trial - buttons not clickable

    stefano barni


      i am evaluating premiere elements 10 and i have an apparently weird problem with buttons and tabs. here's an example of what happens:


      when i run pe10, it starts in sceneline mode. the timeline tab has a dark background and if i click it nothing happens, just as if it was disabled.

      i discovered that if i click and drag a little just over it, its background becomes gray. i release the button, and from now on the tab perfectly responds to clicks and i can switch to timeline mode.

      the sceneline tab remains active, so i can switch to sceneline mode and then back to timeline mode.


      the same happens for example, with the motion control buttons in the monitor (play, forward...) and the project/edit/disc menus/share tabs.


      what drives me mad is that when i "enable" a button or tab the way i described, after a while it gets "disabled" again, and i have to repeat the "click+drag and click again" sequence.


      this is my hw/sw configuration:


      intel i5 imac - 27" - ram 16gb - hd 1tb (400gb free)

      snow leopard - up to date

      apple trackpad with "magicPrefs" driver


      the magic mouse is configured on the system, but it is off (i don't use it anymore since i bought the trackpad)



      any help will be greatly appreciated.

      thanks in advance


      stefano barni

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          nealeh Level 5

          Try with an *ordinary mouse*. Does that work?





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            stefano barni Level 1

            hello, thank you for your reply.


            i already tried the following:


            - trackpad on, mouse off, magiprefs driver enaabled

            - trackpad on, mouse off, magiprefs disabled

            - mouse & trackpad on, magicprefs enabled

            - mouse & trackpad on, magicprefs disabled

            - mouse on, trackpad off, magicprefs enabled

            - mouse on, trackpad off, magicprefs disabled


            the behaviour of premiere elements did not change


            however, i noticed that (independently from the hw/sw configuration) the problem is less frequent while editing mpg videos; the problem is almost constant when editing dv videos. could it be an issue related to file type rather than to the kind of pointing device?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'd try uninstalling the program and using the suggestions at this link.


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                stefano barni Level 1

                hello steve, thank you for your reply.


                apparently, registering solved the problem. as soon as i purchased my license and entered the serial number, all the buttons and tabs started behaving correctly, no matter what pointing device i was using or what kind of video file i was working on.


                on one hand, this makes some sense (it is possible that some features were not enabled before registering - like changing the compression ratio of the dvd before burning, which i could not do no matter what trick i tried), but i cannot see yet why some buttons should be disabled only "apparently".


                anyway, i'm happy with premiere elements now. thank you everybody for helping.



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                  stefano barni Level 1

                  hello everybody,

                  it looks lke i've spoken too early.


                  after working correctly for about one month, suddenly the buttons and tabs in my registered premiere elements 10.0 started showing that problem again.

                  most of them are disbled at first, and i have to click and drag the mouse over them to enable.

                  sometimes they are regularly clickable from that point on, sometimes they get disabled again after clicking, and i have to re-enable them (again, by dragging the mouse over them).

                  i can do everything i need, but this way of working is really annoying and time-wasting.


                  i have re-downloaded and re-installed the program.

                  it is regularly registered.

                  everything works as expected, with the exception i described above.

                  using a trackpad or a mouse doesn't make any difference, the behaviour of the buttons is the same.

                  i have no similar problems with any other application i run.


                  i run an i5 mac with an up-to-date snow leopard.


                  any hint will be greatly appreciated.


                  thank you

                  stefano barni

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                    stefano barni Level 1

                    hello everybody,


                    after reading this post: http://adobe.hosted.jivesoftware.com/message/3966584 i tried changing my monitor resolution from 2560x1440 to 1920x1200. then, i launched premiere elements 10 and found that all the buttons and tab were active and working as expected. so, i closed premiere 10 and changed the resolution back to 2560x1440 (which is the maximum allowed by my hardware). after restarting premiere elements once more, i was happy to find all buttons and tab still working.


                    i can't say if changing the monitor's resolution did the trick, or it was something else and premiere's buttons would be working anyway. unfortunately i did not try before changing the resolution for the first time; what i can say is that i had the problem yesterday, and since then i did not upgdare any software, or turned off and on again my mac, or even done a logout/login. i will post more info as soon as i will have some.


                    thank you


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news Stefano, and thanks for reporting on how things are going for you.


                      I know that many Photoshop users have had issues with dialog boxes/screens, when they monitor resolutions were too low, or they had the wrong refresh rate for their monitors set.


                      Thank you,